Nov 272014



Now I know before you start this months Who are you isn’t a Hardtailer by trade. But He is the man with a plan for the legendary “Loose riders” England. Now I feel pretty sure anyone of you lot is a bit well Loose on the trusty Steed and why not? He seems like a top bloke who is always up for a Bomb about no matter what. Sometimes on a rather unusual steed. He also hails from Yorkshire which seems to breed absolute pinners for a past time and it would appear this fella is no different. When he’s not bombing runs on an Uplift or selling Snow cones he’s running the England chapter of Loose riders. So without further ado we ask.

 Who are you?

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Nov 252014

stage 1 002


Hello? What could this be?

stage 1 003


Could it be?

stage 1 004


By Jingo it is. Dmr’s brand spanking new Stage 1 saddle with…

stage 1 005


Funky “Ride saver” velcro strap for gizmos or a tube for all you “Enduro” bods. That’s not all as you can see.


stage 1 009


One shall be putting this bum perch through it’s paces over the next few months.

Cheers to the gang at DMR Bikes.



Nov 212014


 With our new “Bike to the Future” series, we head out to catch up with where companies are going and what will be in store for us in the near and not so bear future. There is a huge range of different disciplines now and the future is pretty wild at the moment what with wheel sizes, Enduro style events and ” Back country ” riding. These are just a few of the “Buzz” subjects out there. But what are companies really up to? Well we hope to find out.

 As you know we like to keep up with what’s going on out there in MTB world, and from time to time a little whisper falls on our ears. One such whisper is from one of  our favourite bikes companies. Yes Dmr is literally broadening it’s horizons. We shouldn’t really be surprised as little hints and suggestions have been there for a while. But now it’s gone into overdrive. I managed to catch with Dmr’s inhouse mad man, super shredder, and all round damned fine fellow Olly Wilkins. He let us in on the new range and a few sneak peeks too. From what I have seen the new line looks incredible and you know it’ll be top notch and long lasting. So here it is.


Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 09.05.56

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Nov 132014





Dec 2012 - Invert @ The Nest

Words: Ratchet ( Tim)



I have meet Rob a couple of times. I would say rode with him. But that would be a bit of a fib on account he’s damned fast. Up, Down, across and sometimes through. He’s like one of those little Moorland ponies crossed with a Long dog. Goes  just about  anywhere regardless to the effects of gravity and usually at about warp 8. He always has a cheeky grin going on and has a bit of banter on the go too. But that doesn’t do the fella credit. It seems that mucking about on any bike is where it’s at for Rob. That’s when he’s not schooling  kids on the art of fine tunes. We have even raced together back in the days of DH racing and more recently at the Mondraker Gravity Rally. He’s showing no signs of slowing down and makes it all look so easy with his own unique style. So what does he do when he’s not shredding some ”Hero” dirt or throwing some shapes at the skatepark or trails? Come to that, Rob. 

Who are you?



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Nov 042014

November through the mill 001


Won’t Back Down – The Story of Steve Peat. DVD & BluRay.




Well Clay Porter and Jon Lawlor have done it again. This time with Steve Peat. Won’t back down charts the highs and low’s from humble beginnings to that all important World Champs win down under in 2009. It goes into other riders who made their mark in Mountain bike downhill history including the late great Jason McRoy. With some class narration form numerous mtb racers, Commentators and Industry folk, it’s 1 hr 54 min well spent. It’ll make you laugh, sigh, cheer, and cry. Be warned though as some of the narration is a bit course for young un’s.

Incredibly well shot and with archive footage cracking sound track it’s definitely one if not the top film I own. Ah yes I paid for my own copy and by heck it’s worth it. This film gives you a great insight into the mind not just of Peaty himself, but that of  the loudest rider to grace mtb, Shaun Palmer, and into the mindset of Nicolas Vouilloz and Sam Hill. This is the incredible journey of a man from Sheffield who has turned 40 this year and is still racing World cup dh.

I think this film could well be longer as there are some bits I’m sure you’d love to see, but this would make it an epic film. Not that it isn’t already. If it doesn’t inspire you then not much will.

Simply go out and buy it.

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Oct 272014

AJ0P8398-(ZF-5492-66651-1-001) (1)


The digital curse….

  Right before I get up to speed lets start with the usual warning. What i write here is my opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect the thoughts of anyone else from Hardtailnation.   

We all know someone who suffers the Digital curse don’t we. Some aren’t as bad as others as they seem to have a bit of a grip on it. Others? Oh dear. Complete addicts. No worse than that. They can’t help themselves. They have to get “That” crown, “That” KOM, “That” section. Maybe you are one of them. Yes you. They just can’t not try. A friend of mine is a addict. “It’s poison, pure poison”. His very words. But you know damned well he’ll be out there trying to claim another title.

The signs are there. Just watch them. The look at their phone and faff about. No they aren’t turning off the volume, Nor are they checking to see who else is coming. Nor are they just saying “See you later” to their other halves. No They’re switching on THAT app on their whizzy Iphone 6d flippingoutadatein6months. But what’s more , there are worse ones than that. They have a GPS unit. No missed segments, More satellites, Better chances of getting a invisible prize.

I don’t mind the idea. I mean if you read my “Tails from the Trail” you know I like to write my rides up. With distance and top speed an all. I like knowing how fast I go, and how far. But for me it’s my trusty little Cateye computer. It’s handy too. Especially if you are planning something special and need to know how far such and such is away. I admit I would use that APP if my somewhat “Bonko” ( Cheap- Ed) phone could support it. But not to beat so and so up there, or down there. I’d use for distance etc like my little computer, but also for height climbed and descended. It sets you a gaol or is simply interesting.

Now don’t get me wrong and all you “haters” can calm down.  I like a bit of friendly competition. We all do even if you think you don’t. We are after all the HUMAN RACE. It says it right there.. You know how it goes. A mini mates race with no prizes or photos, just the knowledge that today you got the better of your mates. It’s fun right? But those who suffer the “Curse” stop having fun. They kill the ride. Oh how they claim, “It’s good for training”. Is it? Really? I’m sure it is handy, but every climb, every descant, every bit from here to there? Pack it in. You don’t have to race everyone everywhere.  Just go for a ride. Pull some wheelies, do some skids, Cock about, look at the world passing by, Listen to the world in and around the trees and woods. There are a million lives going on around you completely unaware of your latest KOM. Sometimes you just need to go and ride just to go and ride.

But will you not switch that app on? Will you just go muck about? Or just go ride because it’s nice to talk twaddle with your mates and escape work etc.  It’s good to knock out  a ride to see how far you’ve gone but you don’t have to stand on the virtual podium and proclaim your prowess. Just ride because it’s fun. I’m not saying you can’t now and then use that App. If it helps you get fitter faster, or helps you prepare for that next big race, enduro, dh event, use it. It would be mad not too. But now and again just use it to show where you went and how far just because.

But please use your noggin ( Head-Ed). For the most part you will be using trails where others will be, or will end up on a trail used by others. Some sections are removed for the public eye as they are considered dangerous of hazardous to you or others. I’m not saying you can’t do it. Just use a bit of sense. Be careful you don’t become a Digital curse addict. Once you let it take hold you are doomed DOOOOOOOOOOMED.