Dec 212014



 Well you lucky people. Who have we got here? Who can this possibly be? Mad man? A dare devil? Test pilot? Or someone who can ride pretty much any kind of bike you give him? Well oddly enough I think you’ll find that, well he’s all of the above and more. Always “Stoked” to ride no matter what. He has a unique pump track in his own yard, trails on his doorstep pretty much and has been living the life. He’s been around for a good many years and still loves to get up to all kinds of shenanigans both on and off the bike. 

If you haven’t heard of him, then where on earth have you been? Well as it’s almost Christmas I think it’s time we asked…

Who are you?





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Dec 142014




Those of you that have riding for long enough will know Race Face has been making some incredibly cool gear for a while. Not just for you bike, but also for yourself to wear too. Now I must admit Race Face is one of my personal favourite companies outside the UK. In fact for pretty much as long as I can remember i have been running Race face cranks for .. well years. But not too long ago it all went a bit wobbly. However things have changed and Race face has come back better than ever. We Catch up with their Marketing Guru and get a bit of a inside line into himself and the world according to Race Face.

 We ask Race Face Marketing Man  Rob Bohncke.. Who are you?


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Dec 092014

roam2 001

This arrived just in time to fend off all the rain a chilly breeze. It’s Maisons Trail jacket that you can wear in the Pub ( whatever they are) and out on the trail with some nice features. oh yes and it’s called Roam.

roam 003

Nice a stylish.

roam 002

With a pocket on the sleeve. 10 HTN points if you can guess what for. It’s been out already but yet to brave to real rain.

Nov 272014



Now I know before you start this months Who are you isn’t a Hardtailer by trade. But He is the man with a plan for the legendary “Loose riders” England. Now I feel pretty sure anyone of you lot is a bit well Loose on the trusty Steed and why not? He seems like a top bloke who is always up for a Bomb about no matter what. Sometimes on a rather unusual steed. He also hails from Yorkshire which seems to breed absolute pinners for a past time and it would appear this fella is no different. When he’s not bombing runs on an Uplift or selling Snow cones he’s running the England chapter of Loose riders. So without further ado we ask.

 Who are you?

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