Aug 252014


We like to catch up with up and coming riders here at HTN as well as those who have made their mark. One little shredder who would put quite a few of us to shame rides one of HTN’s favorite frame makers BTR. If you seen him ride it would of only been briefly as he zips past or in some cases over head. There must be something in the water round that way. But with the likes of Burf & Tam backing him I think we’ll see a lot more and most definitely be hearing about him. With two young champs standing on the world stage last weekend it goes to show that despite the size of this little Isle we can knock out some class world beating acts. Will young  Riley be up there? i wouldn’t bet against it. So we catch hold of him for a quick chat and ask. 

Who are you?



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Aug 152014



aug ttm just landed 001




A rather nice box arrived with some handy SiS ( Science in Sport) Goodies. should be handy for those longs days in the Saddle.

aug ttm just landed 003


Drink powders mix for er going and stopping..

aug ttm just landed 004


A ever useful big bottle and some Bars and Gels from the pack.

aug ttm just landed 005


Hope Technology Tech 3 X2 brakes

Beastie is now sporting Hope Technology Tech 3 Levers.

aug ttm just landed 007 aug ttm just landed 008

X2 calipers.

aug ttm just landed 011


Odi X trainer grips


New grip time again folks.

aug ttm just landed 012

Super comfy? Probably..

aug ttm just landed 013

And for all those Nico Vink and the like fans. Loose Riders England stickers and gear is available.



Aug 112014

Who is this Fellow who stands tall in a corner of this place, sporting unusual pedal related machines? He wears a wry smile and a knowing look? Who is the fellow indeed who can walk into a bar and challenge the very best of them or so I heard? Who is this fellow who a master of his urban environment and also a hardy trail warrior? Who is fellow with a mind that allows him to walk a different path to the one that sheep follow? Who indeed?

 I have been lucky enough to meet John in person. His easy going manner is reflected in the brand of slightly eccentric and yet praticar nay even sensible bikes and products. He doesn’t follow the heard in the way others do. He isn’t afraid to on a adventure either, taking a suitable trusty steed to get him there and back. He is a fellow who seems to enjoy tinkering and creating. A practical man in an age of electronic gizmos and gadgets. He is the front man for Surly bikes and this is a hint. But alas I can say no more about this fine fellow. Why? Well it’s simple. I’ll let him preach his own particular gospel of the wheel and world. 

We ask. ” Who are you?




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Jul 242014

brumotti_new (21)


You will be forgiven for not knowing the name as up until a few months ago neither had I. But then a video edit stating doing the rounds. It was captured in the same vain as Martyn Ashton’s Road bike party films, but with a twist.  You may of seen it posted on here or a Social network site but I bet you watched it twice. I now I did. At least twice. Vittorio seems to be a rather peaceful fellow up until the point you watch him in the film. Then you see a stylish and inventive rider. 

 So I did a little homework. It turns out he’s more than just a little bit handy on his bike. He holds numerous titles and a big handful of World records too. So who is he? Or rather, Vittorio  Brumotti.. Who are you?


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Jul 202014


image (4)


Well you know us by now, and you know we like to catch up with folk across the board. This time we catch up with a fellow who is as sound as a pound and  likes nothing more than getting a bit wild on his Titanium Staunton Slackline.. Yes I’m jealous too.   I have only ever really meet him rather briefly sometime ago at the Unofficial Hardtail Champs down at Gawton.  I think.. Well whilst we might have rather regular jobs Steve’s isn’t. In fact it sounds like it’s a right old game and having your wits about you is rather important. That and check your bed before getting in. But when he’s home there’s nothing more than a nice bit of Loam to put a grin on his face. He lives down this way in the South of this nice little isle and not only rides but like to have a go at the odd race.. He may well be known to some of you, but for the rest? We ask.

Who are you?





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Jul 202014

just landed 016


First off something to read. Yes I know some of you will of had a copy for a while but not delivered by Mr Jamie Edwards in person. Okay I had to ride down to the campsite to get it at last weeks Mondraker Gravity Rally. It’s a good tea break or post ride read and best of all it’s free and full of the good stuff and no trinkets to lure you in.

just landed 005


This rather snazzy jersey  called the Zenith, comes from Madison and looks to be just the ticket for Warm days on the trail. It sports a few interesting details like a rear pocket for those “Enduro” kids and a glasses wipe. Even though it’s black it should still be okay in this rather warm weather.

just landed 006




just landed 008


Well it’s okay to have a jersey but what oh what shall I wear with it? Simple Zenith shorts from Madison obviously. These rather bright green numbers have a number of useful pockets and are pretty lightweight but are pretty Bombproof too.

just landed 009


just landed 011


Care of Madison this Hydration pack is from Shimano. It’s called the Unzen holds 10 ltrs of gear and 3 ltrs of water. the Bladder is rather clever and there are some unusual features too, like the way it fits. One snap buckle in the middle of your chest which also hold the tube from the bladder. Looks different and….just landed 012

It has it’s own back protector built in. Given my current riding that might come in handy..just landed 013

Now you too can pretend to be an X-Men..

just landed 014


Cast your mind back and you will remember we tried out one of Whackjob’s rather funky jerseys. Well fast fwd and we caught up with the Whacky Whackjob gang and went home with this rather Snazzy jersey. Made from Bamboo and possibly the comfiest thing I have worn.just landed 015

 It’s rather different from the norm and there is no reason why you can’t wear this running, Climbing, Cycling of pretty much any sort or come to that any form of activity that will be a bit different, plus it’s not going to look out of place down the local either.

just landed 007 

And if you do like the Pro/factory/Freerider/enduro-loon look this rather retro loose fitting number from Royal racing ould be for you.

just landed 004


 Well what TTM would be complete without a cake? Not this one. I turned 42 a week or so ago and my rather lovely young lady baked me my very own cake. Lets just say this test/review didn’t take long..Burp… scuse me. Now if you are wondering what the picture is, here’s a clue. It’s a character from a certain MTB mag that would go Baaaaaaa, but doesn’t instead goes on numerous adventures with another white one a black one and one that would go Moo but doesn’t.. Don’t worry it took me a while too. 

100 HTN points if you get it in 10 sec.