Oct 272014

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The digital curse….

  Right before I get up to speed lets start with the usual warning. What i write here is my opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect the thoughts of anyone else from Hardtailnation.   

We all know someone who suffers the Digital curse don’t we. Some aren’t as bad as others as they seem to have a bit of a grip on it. Others? Oh dear. Complete addicts. No worse than that. They can’t help themselves. They have to get “That” crown, “That” KOM, “That” section. Maybe you are one of them. Yes you. They just can’t not try. A friend of mine is a addict. “It’s poison, pure poison”. His very words. But you know damned well he’ll be out there trying to claim another title.

The signs are there. Just watch them. The look at their phone and faff about. No they aren’t turning off the volume, Nor are they checking to see who else is coming. Nor are they just saying “See you later” to their other halves. No They’re switching on THAT app on their whizzy Iphone 6d flippingoutadatein6months. But what’s more , there are worse ones than that. They have a GPS unit. No missed segments, More satellites, Better chances of getting a invisible prize.

I don’t mind the idea. I mean if you read my “Tails from the Trail” you know I like to write my rides up. With distance and top speed an all. I like knowing how fast I go, and how far. But for me it’s my trusty little Cateye computer. It’s handy too. Especially if you are planning something special and need to know how far such and such is away. I admit I would use that APP if my somewhat “Bonko” ( Cheap- Ed) phone could support it. But not to beat so and so up there, or down there. I’d use for distance etc like my little computer, but also for height climbed and descended. It sets you a gaol or is simply interesting.

Now don’t get me wrong and all you “haters” can calm down.  I like a bit of friendly competition. We all do even if you think you don’t. We are after all the HUMAN RACE. It says it right there.. You know how it goes. A mini mates race with no prizes or photos, just the knowledge that today you got the better of your mates. It’s fun right? But those who suffer the “Curse” stop having fun. They kill the ride. Oh how they claim, “It’s good for training”. Is it? Really? I’m sure it is handy, but every climb, every descant, every bit from here to there? Pack it in. You don’t have to race everyone everywhere.  Just go for a ride. Pull some wheelies, do some skids, Cock about, look at the world passing by, Listen to the world in and around the trees and woods. There are a million lives going on around you completely unaware of your latest KOM. Sometimes you just need to go and ride just to go and ride.

But will you not switch that app on? Will you just go muck about? Or just go ride because it’s nice to talk twaddle with your mates and escape work etc.  It’s good to knock out  a ride to see how far you’ve gone but you don’t have to stand on the virtual podium and proclaim your prowess. Just ride because it’s fun. I’m not saying you can’t now and then use that App. If it helps you get fitter faster, or helps you prepare for that next big race, enduro, dh event, use it. It would be mad not too. But now and again just use it to show where you went and how far just because.

But please use your noggin ( Head-Ed). For the most part you will be using trails where others will be, or will end up on a trail used by others. Some sections are removed for the public eye as they are considered dangerous of hazardous to you or others. I’m not saying you can’t do it. Just use a bit of sense. Be careful you don’t become a Digital curse addict. Once you let it take hold you are doomed DOOOOOOOOOOMED.

Sep 222014
aug ttm just landed 004

SiS  energy bar (left and Gel (right)



aug ttm just landed 003

Sis Go energy, Go electrolyte and Rego recovery drink mix.

Science In Sport Endurance Pack



Energy products are big business these days and SiS have been in the game for a while. So they know a thing or two about your energy requirements. They offer numerous pack options and this is the Endurance pack. With 2 each of the Go, Go Electrolyte and Rego, 2 energy bars and two Isotonic gels and a Big ol’ bottle to mix up your drinks powders you are pretty much covered for a race day or a long day in the saddle. The powder drinks mix is okay taste wise although I tended to mix them weaker than recommended. The Go is er well energy for on the the go and the Go electrolyte has all those useful salts and the like to help your system out as well as energy to keep you going.  Instead of the bottle i used these in the Hydrabak. The Rego is after exercise and certainly seems to help recovery time as the first time I used this pack it was on a long 32 mile ride and helping out my dad with some hay. Next day i felt fine after using the Rego and the Go electrolyte was quite pleasant. But i would try it weak to start with if you aren’t use to Energy drinks like this. The Bar was if some what small rather tasty and certainly helped me keep going for the day.  it’s not too heavy and a nice texture and didn’t seem to be too heavy going as some bars are. The isotonic gel was handy for the last push and it took a while to get use to the thin texture. but this was a good thing as you technically don’t need a drink with it.  Again pleasant taste and not too strong. A nice little pick up for the last hill I can tell you.


All in all this pack would do a long day quite easy depending on how well you prepared. pleasant tastes and reasonably easy on the system. Not a bad price either as it would cost you far more to buy individually. SiS have been in the game a while so it’s well worth a look at a Pack like this for long days racing or a long days ride. there are other pack options too to suit your needs.


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Sep 152014

Gate at Fort William


 Well what with all the ladies and gentlemen doing well on the big stage both on the World and National in 4x and DH it’s time we caught up with another rider, racer and rather delightful character.  As well as having a liking for Earl Grey tea, and racing 4x it would appear that she is a busy lass indeed. But don’t think for a second Clare is one of those Wilting lilies. Not for one second. There’s an air of innocent mischief about her and a passionate devotion to riding. Not only that but Clare knows her thing when it comes to bikes too. Whether it’s selling, fixing or coaching Clare’s got the knowledge. So she knows her stuff and will be out the gate as quick as a flash so what else does she do? Well apart from ride one of our favourite homemade in the UK frames from BTR. Well read on as we ask…

Who are you?


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Aug 252014


We like to catch up with up and coming riders here at HTN as well as those who have made their mark. One little shredder who would put quite a few of us to shame rides one of HTN’s favorite frame makers BTR. If you seen him ride it would of only been briefly as he zips past or in some cases over head. There must be something in the water round that way. But with the likes of Burf & Tam backing him I think we’ll see a lot more and most definitely be hearing about him. With two young champs standing on the world stage last weekend it goes to show that despite the size of this little Isle we can knock out some class world beating acts. Will young  Riley be up there? i wouldn’t bet against it. So we catch hold of him for a quick chat and ask. 

Who are you?



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