Through the Mill…. Renthal Ultra Tacky grip

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May 162016

ttm renthal 001

Renthal Ultra Tacky Lock-On grips

 £24.99 or all good bike shops.


We know that Renthal make some excellent Bars and Chainrings and a range of Grips. So when these arrived in Feb we were looking forward to trying them out. As the name suggests they are Ultra tacky, and they aren’t kidding. They are 130mm long with 110mm  of grip surface. They weigh in at 116 grams too. But that’s nowt new. What is, is the compound. It is stupidly tacky which does feel odd to start with. I mean how often has your grips been “Stickier” than your shoes? Not often i bet.

They are ideal if you don’t wear gloves, but they work well even if you do.  The result is a grip that means your hands stay on the bars even in the roughest deathgrip kind of situation and this being the UK means the same applies when it’s raining. Even when yours hands are sweaty they still work well. I have used them in most weather conditions and they are spot on. The Tacky feel is something I normally hate but I have got on with these really well as far as grip is concerned. The added bonus is that unlike normal grips that get slippery once they are worn is the the Ultra Tacky compound is ALL the way through so in theory they will still grip damned well to the point there’s no grip left. This we have yet to try. Wear wise they are pretty good and they do absorb the trail vibration well. I found that if I did a long ride they did get to feel a little firm, but this is partly due to having a slightly dicky hand. They do tend to leave a bit of a tacky feel on your hands after you have taken them off of the grips and no surprise they do pick up dirt and mud quite easy. They clean up well and so far are a sticky as day one.

They won’t suit everyone but if you need a grip that really does grip then these are well worth looking at. But get a feel of them first if you aren’t too sure. As for how well they will fair in the hotter weather and with my ability to make grips get tacky even when they weren’t we will have to wait and see.

TTM Just landed……Carbon Cycles eXotic Carbon riser bar.

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May 072016



disco 002

We had some rather trick and very light Carbon bars turn up thanks to Carboncycles. Part of the Exotic range. They have been fitted to the test bike and we’re going to see how they fair.



disco 001

disco 003


How will they fair with me? We’ll keep you posted.





Through The Mill….. Disco brakes

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May 072016

disco 005

Disco brakes Brake adapter



Sometimes it’s the little things that go unnoticed that need to be well noticed. Take the humble Disc brake adapter. Often ignored until you need to up size your rotor (Disco brakes rotor review) or change your brakes to some even more powerful. But there it is holding those calipers onto the frame or forks. Some can be rather pricey but not all. If you have followed HTN over the last couple of years you know we like a bit of a bargain. So when Discobrakes sent us this adapter we were rather happy. Not because it’s particularly bling like some but because it costs less that your favourite MTB mag. No really. But is cheap a case of “Buy cheap Buy twice”? Put simply, No. This little fella has been on the old DMR Sidekick for a while and has kept the brakes in the right place without any fuss. I’m not what you call slim either so it’s done what it should and will do for some time to come I imagine.

They come in all the popular sizes and a selection of colours to mix or match your steed. Be it front or back has you sorted. They also do some more rather splendid bits and bobs too so give them a look and make you bike look bling without spending too much cha ching.


Who are you?…… The other fella from the telly- Mr Jason Miles

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Apr 232016

jmc dirty p

In a office, sat in front of a computer sits a man who at first glance doesn’t strike you as anyone special. But he is. By day he is a IT guru sorting things out in the digital world in which we are part of. So it all seems like a run of the mill none too exciting sort of thing right? That however soon changes once he has left the office. The business suit is discarded and he take on his alter ego… He is Super Endurance Man.He has been on the telly with that truck fitter fella. They took on a World record and some. But there’s more to him than that. For it would seem he likes nothing better than a good old fashioned Endurance race. Whatever the weather. If you haven’t cottoned on as to who he is yet, then let us find out as we ask.

Who are you?

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Through The Mill……… DMR Deathgrip

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Apr 122016

fox lid 001

DMR  Brendog Death grip


At all good bike shops.

 Time tested 6 Months- (So far)

The DMR Death grip is a collaboration between DMR and none other than Britain’s Speed and Style meister Brendan Fairclough. Here’s what Brendan says about it.

‘I wanted to make the ultimate grip to go on all my bikes: AM to DH. I combined the following features and the Death Grip is what we ended up with!’

These grips feature a internally tapered core so that they only need one lock ring. This is a nice touch as I do tend to ride on the end oF the grip quite often. They also have a combination of proven patterns all in one grip. The ribbed ( Mushroom-Ed) section by the flange is nice and soft and dampens out some of the trail vibration. Then there’s the diamond pattern that you see on many other grips that allow you to er well grip the bars. Add to that a Waffle pattern on the underside to add that extra bit of grip confidence. They came in two sizes. The  Thin (ø29.8) or Thick (ø31.3) and also two compounds too The Soft (20A Kraton) or Hard (25A Vexk). So Something to suit anyone. So how do i get on with them?

I’ve been running the larger diameter size version and I don’t normally like big grips. But these have been a nice surprise. They feel pretty good and take no time to set up. They offer plenty of grip and have worn pretty well given that I can wear grips out quick. But these are only showing minimal wear so far. The lack of a collar on the end is good as I have already mentioned ride on the ends quite often. That and they won’t leave marks or scrapes like some grips will.

Out on the trail I have felt they could do with being a bit longer and I think I would if I was buying some prefer the smaller diameter version. But these are minor things and more of a personal thing. As I don’t generally wear gloves I haven’t had and issue when they get wet and in the dry they feel pretty nice. The variety of grip patterns means it’s easy to get your hand just where you want it without looking. they will suit pretty much any bike you care to fit them on. Not only that but they are pretty cheap too. I like these grips and would definitely buy some again. With a nice selection of colours too there should be something to suit you too.

A damned fine grip all in all.  worth a look.


TTM…….Just Landed- Fox

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Apr 052016

fox lid 010


Today instead of the postie dropping something off I rode some way to pick up this rather snazzy looking new lid from FOX ( Foxhead). It’s the all new Metah. It’s very much a “Enduro/Trail/Am” set up. It is rather bright ( Unlike  the owner- Ed) and is dead simple to set up. It looks a bit different and looks like it could give the Troy Lee Design A1 lids a run for their money. It’s full of features too. But how will it do? So far it’s definitely a lot more breezy. Quite comfortable so far.

Big thanks to Don at Kustom Bikes Cycle shop

fox lid 009