TTM Just landed……….Cerebral saviours. Red Bull, Cranked, POC

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Oct 252016


The latest edition of  Cranked came today. A more in depth magazine than some. So more of a take your time kind as opposed to quick fix. This month looks to be another superbe read with an article all or two I’m sure you will enjoy. Yes it is £10 but with very few adds it’s a good quality read that you will want to keep or lend to others of like mind.


Also this came today care of that splendid fellow from Dartmoor Cycles none other than Mr Andy Boyle.


This is a rather unusual read as it covers a wide range of sports and lifestyles that as you can imagine are connected in some way to Red Bull. In this issue there’s a good article about that young Scots land who is a bit handy on a pushbike and made a few films too. Yes Skye’s own superstar Danny Macaskill.


Of course with all that reading there’s a good chance you might be inspired to go ride your bike. Or in my case have a go at a bit of this Street/trials lark. Well I’m bound to come a cropper so a new hat to keep what little brains i have seemed a good idea. This is the POC Crane Pure Danny Macaskill  edition. Unfortunately it won’t make you into a YouTube star overnight. I got mine care of .




Who are you? …………………. Zealous Man-Paul Mackie

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Oct 152016


Photo – Roo Fowler @roofowler

 Not too long ago in a small part of Somerset and new event took place. It would be the first in the area on the scale that it was.  THE EX – In association with DMR Bikes. But that isn’t the half of it. A racer/rider would achieve and ambition he had been hoping to do for a little while. Exmoor is not gentle, so to race a design  and build of his and win the hardtail category is no small feat. It would prove that not only is the proof in the eating but more a case of the proof was in the competing. One thing you will note is that this particular rider/racer would do things a little different when it came to his own creation. We are lucky enough to catch the man in question and ask him, Who are you?

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Through the mill —- Just landed. Schwalbe & Danny’s new book

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Sep 302016

It’s been a bit hectic down here in deepest darkest ( it is now)  Exmoor. But we have been a bit busy testing stuff. but also pouncing on the unsuspecting mailman too. Ok we haven’t really. We have been busy though as we had The Ex enduro style event on our doorstep. No race repo as well i was too busy on timing duties. Doh! But now the rain is creeping in and causing a bit of chaos and the nights are very much darker. So in typical HTN fashion we get some new tyres and a rather good book. 

Schwalbe Fat Albert 27.5 tyres




Some rather er chunky tyres arrived this week. Yes it’s a old name from the Schwalbe gang but old fat Albert has a bit of erm work..


this is the front tyre.  I don’t it’ll be getting clogged up that quick!


Nor it would seem is the rear. Wide spaced and deep treads  should be ideal for softer conditions i think



And for when it’s too dark, wet or your are too cream crackered…


Breaking news from – Steve Day AKA Single speed Wolverine

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Sep 052016



After an amazing couple of years flying the Singular Cycles flag while racing and having fun, and achieving some massive goals along the way, I have picked up a new frame sponsor by the name of I am so excited about the new kit that has arrived and photo’s will start appearing as the build gets underway… hopefully in time for Tide2Tide and definitely ready for Relentless at the end of October. This gives me plenty of time to get everything bedded in ready for defending my WEMBO Singlespeed title in Italy next June.
A BIG thanks has to go to Sam Alison for his support over the last couple of years, and especially his assistance with getting me sorted with local help and extra kit for my WEMBO-16 trip to New Zealand. Without this the whole trip would have been a lot more stressful.
The Travers RussTi will be shod with a pair of Lauf Forks for the long distance races. Coming highly recommended by Mr Travers, and weighing almost nothing. Again, something I am really looking forward to putting through their paces over the next couple of months. A huge thanks to the nice men in Iceland for getting these to me so quickly.
Finally, I am also proud to now be supported by Jersey Pocket Nutrition who will be helping me with my energy products. A great UK company who make some awesome products down in Devon. Thanks to Marc Baker for putting me in touch with these guys.#





Through the mill just landed.———- Vee Tire Co – Bulldozer

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Aug 252016


ttm jl veetire 001


Some nice new Boots came a few days ago for the DMR Trailstar. No they are really close just really big. Yep we are trying out this 27.5 + thing. They do bear a resemblance to a few other tires but are they as good. Well lets start off with the fact they are 2.8. yep that’s rather big.  Vee Tire Co are pretty new on uk shores and these are the Syn version which is a little more robust.

Vee Tire Co have this to say about them.

The Bulldozer + ploughs through any terrain you can challenge. Center tread knobs are shaped to grip hard and keep you on the trail. Built for the most demanding fat bike riders, the Bulldozer+’s aggressive side and transition knobs keep you upright and provide excellent grip in the corners.

ttm jl veetire 002


How good will they be? Well I’ll en devour to find out..