Jan 272015

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Ace was on the case too with pics. This is the  Sarma Shaman. A carbon Fatbike. Comes as a frame and with carbon fork will be £1649, without forks it’s £1499.


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They also have their own Naran rim which come in 80 or 100 mm. Yes they are carbon too which is why it’s £1500 for the 100 and £1200 for the 80. Zoiks!

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Surly have gone all colourful.


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Ideal in the Snow or on sand or simply just mucking about. They are silly but damned good fun by the look of it.

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How wide a rim?

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We spied this Fatbike roadster at the show too. looks pretty cool but…

ace core 15 045


Really? or a cheeky show joke?

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 Felt too are going into the Fatbike market

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Fancy going somewhere? Well you’ll need bags to carry all the gear. Apidura will certainly have something for you.

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 Whisky is a new name to me. But it looks like they have all your Fatbike needs covered.

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Jan 262015

Our mission should we choose to accept it was to infiltrate a pair of Trade shows and get as many photos and contacts as possible using Haribo, Chocolate and beer in exchange for information.

Mission accepted. Cue Mission impossible theme tune.

Codenames Ace and Ratchet meet up at 6am for a 3 hr drive to a rather swanky hotel near Silverstone. Once id’s were collected we set about our mission of collect info and pics for all you people out there in Internet land. 

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Women in a MTB world.

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Jan 252015




   As you are well aware we like to get into a few subjects here at Hardtailnation. We feature a lot of very fast ladies who have had to make their way through the ranks to get to where they are. What’s more they are far from done making their mark. But does the Mountain Bike world value them as much as the fellas? No doubt there are fewer women at the top spot but from what we see here at HTN they are very much in attendance as far as riding and racing goes. It’s a highly competitive sport now and the margin for error is all but a whiska.  Do the women have to work as hard as the boy’s? It’s a tricky subject and one that can fire up a Forum page at a fair rate. 

 Personally I think women have a tough job making it in Racing. After all they can’t ride quite the same way as the lads. All right there is a big field of fellas at races and that top spot is hard fought. But so is the woman’s. Numbers don’t come into it really. Top spot is top spot, it doesn’t matter if there’s 3 or 30 ladies lining up, it’s game on all the way. 

What about pay? Do they deserve the same? Prize money also plays a big part too. It’s no less expensive for women than men. Bikes cost, as does fuel, entries and so on. So we go in search of some answers from a select few across the board, from a World Champ and World Cup winner, to a Major World Cup Team manager, a 4x racer and a Downhill racer/designer. So without further ado to do we ask few questions about about how women are perceived in a Mountain bike World.




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Jan 192015

Style by the mile..


The name should ring a bell with some of you. If not from his blistering pace at races then from also being one of our Bike check guests. He damned fast and usually has a big old grin on his face. Riding for Curtis Bikes he’s a force to be reckoned with. But off the track he’s as cool as they come and all round top bloke. It’s turns out when he isn’t smoking other out the gate he’s pretty handy at fixing your heating too. But what goes on in the mad man’s head. Just what does he get up to when not being a working man with Nippers and family on the go. I have had the pleasure of meeting him many years ago at a BDS down this way and we hatched a plan then. This is the result and we simplyask.

Who are you?



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