Who are you?…………Dominik Raab

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Jan 152017


If you were to find yourself on the streets of Linz not too long ago you may well of heard the familiar sound of tyres. Nothing new there except in this case they may well not of been on the road or pavement. You would also of recognised one of the riders. Well you should’ve as he is a legend in Mountain biking and  has had a “Who are you?” interview here too. But with him is another rider who would most likely be pulling some smooth moves and tech lines with an effortless style that shows many years of experience and creative thinking. Not only would this rider be leaving scratching your head or nodding approval  but what you don’t know is he has made it his job and comes from Austria. Not the first place I think of  when it comes to Street trials. So after catching a short film about him I had to ask…..

Who are you?

dom rab portrait

Who are you?

I’m Dominik Raab, 31 years old and have been riding trials for about 20 years.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Linz, Austria and currently living in Vienna.

What do you do for a living?

Riding full time – Living the dream. I do quite a lot of trials demos and work on photo and video projects with sponsors. I do especially work a lot on projects with my long term partner Merida Bikes – 2017 is the 10th year Merida has been supporting me.

What is the best and worst of what you do?

The best for sure is that I have the opportunity to ride my bike every day. The worst is probably the negative side of traveling – spending more time in a car or in a plane than on my bike is less fun. Organizing trials demos and other projects means a lot of office work too.

Where do you ride?

Right now I do quite a lot of indoor riding in Vienna as we have a nice cold winter here.

Who do you ride with?

I ride most of the time with the Biketrials Vienna crew or other friends.

Dominik_Raab-Mountainbike_Trial_Shows-Voest-Linz-Gap (1)

Who do you ride for?

My sponsors and partners are Merida Bikes, Maxxis, Alexrims, SR Suntour, Five Ten, Tune, Adidas Eyewear, AUVA.

What kind of riding are you into mostly?

Street trials.

What is the riding scene like where you are?

We have a small bike trials community with an indoor riding place right in the center of Vienna.

What is it like living in Vienna?

I just moved to Vienna… so to be honest I can’t say too much about it. There are definitely a lot of things to do and the riding is amazing for sure.

I imagine there’s a few spots to ride there?

Tons of street spots, an indoor place for rainy and snowy days and you would not expect so many good mountain bike trails around Vienna.

What got you in Trails riding?

The “Big Five“ video from trials guru Hans „No Way“ Rey.


What do you like about Trials riding?

I guess it’s the fact that there will always be new things/tricks to learn. Plus I just enjoy rolling through the city on my bike.

Do you do any other form of riding?

Yes, I do enjoy riding natural trials sections or going for a spin on my mountain bike.

What bike/s do you have?

Beside my street trials bikes I own a Merida Ninety-Six, One-Twenty, One-Forty and One-Sixty.

I see you had a rather special visit from another well known Trials rider not so long ago?

Definitely a very special visit – Hans „No Way“ Rey stopped by and we were working on a video.

I bet that was an experience?

It’s been unreal and a lot of fun riding all my homespots with the person who got me into trials biking many years ago. I did some riding with Hans in California a couple of years ago but never expected a session with him in my hometown Linz.


How did that come about?

Well, I was basically trying to collect ideas for a new video and thought it would be amazing shooting a video with Hans. I explained the project to Hans and a few weeks later I was happy to welcome him in Linz.

Ok what tunes/music are you into?

Neil Young is one of my all time favourites.

When did you last scare yourself?

Doing backflips in China was a scary thing for me. Chinese hospitals are not among my favourite places to visit.

What was the last thing that made you go WTF?

I recently saw this “Jaws vs the Lyon 25“ video. Jumping 25 stairs on a skateboard is just insane!


If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Exploring a city in spiderman manner could be fun.

Who do you admire?

I admire all people who follow their dreams and do what they love.

if you could meet anyone past or present, who would it be?

Talking to Lemmy from Motorhead about his life would have been quite interesting.

Describe your perfect day?

Starting the day with a good breakfast and a great coffee – going for a trials or mountain bike ride with friends – enjoying the rest of the day with my girlfriend.


What could you not do without?

My girlfriend, family, friends (and my trials bike)

Where would you like to go that you haven’t yet?

Tokio is on my to do list.

What would you say is the best or most important skill to learn if you are just starting out Trials riding?

It’s all about balance. I recommend learning track stands as the first thing to do when starting out trials riding.

What does the future hold for you?

2017 will be a year full of trials demos, photo and video projects. I also look forward to exploring new riding spots in Vienna.

Any thanks or words of wisdom?

Do it for the fun and the rest will come naturally.



Through the mill………..POC Crane Pure Macaskill Edition

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Jan 122017


POC Crane Pure Macaskill Edition



Technical Features
– Progressive core, dual density EPS liner
– In-mold construction
– Lower shell wrapping around the helmet edge
– Strap anchors molded inside the liner
– Generously ventilated

The old skate style helmets do vary greatly from the basic to high end even if the appearance doesn’t vary greatly. It’s how and what they consist of inside that makes the difference. So it is the case with this Macaskill Ed of the Crane Pure from POC. POC put a bit of time into their protection and this helmet features a  “Advanced duel density EPS liner”. A Harder outer to deal with high energy impacts and a softer inner for lower energy impacts. Also they manage to keep the weight down too.

It’s a bit different to the usual fit of this style of helmet as it is sculpted to fit your head a bit more. There is the usual pads inside although I found the pad that sits in the top to be a bit thin, even when I changed it for the spare one that it comes with. I solved that by putting a thicker pad in. Other than that it’s fairly comfy and being fairly low weight you almost forget you are wearing it. Which is nice. It doesn’t shift about either even after a bit of a jolt. Although if you really shake your head about it does a bit. But unless you are going down a really rough track you won’t worry. It’s not a helmet you would want to do miles on a hot day in but the venting that it does have works well.

It looks pretty smart and fits well and whilst it’s at the higher end price wise this does reflect the technology involved. It’s lightweight and does the job it’s meant too. Although as yet i have yet to fully prove that by landing on my head. The graphics are pretty smart and add to the appearance. All in all a rather good lid to keep your head a bit safer.

jan 17 ttm d 025

Who are you?…………..The Legendary Hans “No Way” Rey

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Jan 102017



There’s no mistaking this months “Who are you?” interviewee. He has been around pretty much since day one of Mountain biking as we know it. But it didn’t start out quite the way you imagine. At a young age and after a phone call he would take a gamble to travel  far from home to the land where everything is big. Turns out it was a good call. So good in fact he hasn’t left. Quite.

Not only did he bring a unique style of riding to the masses but also showed Trials could be cool and any bike is capable. But that would only be part of the story. Since then he has been on epic and I do mean EPIC adventures, traveled the world in search of the ultimate trails, pioneered his own style of riding, started charities, made a few films and also been on a TV series or two. Whats more he is still out there showing kids he still has the “skills” and is as busy as ever. He also happens to be a bit of a legend and damned fine fellow too. So without further ado we ask….

Who are you?



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New Year and some new gear.——Just landed. CarbonCycles & DMT

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Jan 052017

It’s a New year and a new pedal set up. for the first time in many many years I’m going back to clips. Or am I? well here’s the reason.



this is the AM / DH Compact Clipless and Flat Pedal from CarbonCycles.cc. It’s a clipless pedal for All Mountain / Downhill. Not to far removed from a old shimano Dx pedal from years ago. Wide bodied so your foot has a good platform on which to sit. except.


When you flip it , it’s flat pedal. These have been out already and you’ll have to wait to see how I get on. A good idea? With the right shoe set up it could be a good compromise. At £32.19 it’s worth a punt.



Of course a trick pedal is no good without a trick pair of shoes.. Introducing the DMT E1 enduro shoe from Paligap.cc


Yes these too have had a trip out already. They are a few quid. £130 in fact but be fore you spit your tea out there’s a good reason. They are full of features inc the Boa system to do them up in a simple and quick way. They are also pretty tough looking and ideal winter set up. A Vibram flat sole is a novel touch too.



Well I’ll let you good readers know how it goes. after all what could possibly go wrong?


Through the mill………… Just landed… Hurly Burly – 2016 World Cup Downhill & Championships Yearbook, & Dirt 20, bicycle and dirt action from the past 20 years

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Dec 212016

Well it’s nearly that time of year when you can’t quite get out an play on your bike quite as much as you would hope. But fear not we at HTN HQ may be able to help. No Queens speech or Soaps for you fine readers. However.


Hurly Burly, 2016 World Cup Downhill & Championships Yearbook


£15 – (price includes free UK shipping and for international it’s another £5)



From the fellow who brought you some interesting stories when Dirt Mountain bike magazine was still in paper form comes this rather splendid book called, 2016 World Cup Downhill & Championships Yearbook. With plenty of Photos and a good few articles it looks like it does a fine job of commemorating the Highs and lows of the 2016 WC Dh and champs. It certainly has more than enough to keep you busy for a little while.

It’s rather sizable and top notch quality both in it’s appearance and content. A book like this is no easy feat but James McKnight has pulled off a blinder. If like me you missed quite a few of the rounds then this is a great way to recap the past year. Not only that there’s round by round reviews, comments and a few essays too. but a book like this wouldn’t happen with out a good bunch of people behind it and so it is with this book. Such names include, photographers and designer: Sebastian Schieck, Sven Martin and Duncan Philpott on photo duties and Chris Jones on design. This would make a cracking pressie if you can get it before  Christmas or even after. Best get on it as postie will be busy.


Top quality shots and photos


Even that Steve Peat is in it






But it’s not just one book that arrived. If Hurly Burly has got you wanting to go a ride then this next book will probably mean you’ll be late for your tea.





If you didn’t know already Dirt bicycle & Dirt action magazine is 20 years old. I know.. I was like 24 when it first came out. it had been a staple each time it came out. Sometimes it meant going without lunch to get it. But I no longer have to climb up the hill to the Newsagents to grab my copy as it fell victim to modern times. However all is not lost.

Yes those marvelous chaps have released a ltd edition 2oyrs of bicycle and Dirt action book. Packed with top quality photos and articles. What more could you ask for?


Covering the last 20 years of mucking about and racing bikes off the side of hills in another well presented and top quality book. Again more than enough for you to escape the dreaded Gogglebox.
















Who are you?…………………..Nordic God of riding – Adrian Tell

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Dec 122016



When you think of Freestyle Mountain bikers and where they are from, you are probably going to think along the lines of  riders from California  riding in balmy weather or up in Canada hitting huge lines and bombing a certain bike park. There are many form other location around this little blue planet too. But Norway? It’s not the first place you imagine is it. But over the last few years it seems that there has been a few making a bit of noise. It’s also becoming a bit of a spot to go to as well. One such rider has recently pulled a rather remarkable trick. If I said Back flip to manual to front flip, it might ring a bell or two. What’s more this fellow is a teacher. Yes in school. How cool is that? He is also involved in a show and builds lines where and when he can. He strikes me a as a quiet but focused  individual who certainly makes a bit of noise when it comes to riding. They do say it’s the quiet ones you should watch. He has a rather big bag of skills and tricks and is always looking and pushing to pull something new. Not only that but his clean and flowing style is a joy to watch. Not only that but when it comes to riding it seems that his imagination will lead to something remarkable not long after. So who is this Teacher that can back flip? Well by now you should know the question….

Who are you?


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