Who are you?………….The Wolverine? -Steve Day

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Nov 232015



Photo care of Anthony Pease


There are some folk out there who like to make things a little more interesting. I mean not just a little bit either. But some will take it to a somewhat different level. Race 24 hrs? Yeah why not? Do it Solo? Yeah sure, Go for as many miles as possible? Rude not too, and do it on a rigid single speed? Why not? Why not indeed. One fellow has taken this challenge up on more than one occasion too. I can see the point, after all if you keep it simple you keep it light and practical. But this fellow will have a bash at all sorts. It also appears he has a more than passing resemblance to a certain X-man.  Minus dirty great claws and ability to heal super fast, although I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. He also has a slight thing for Triumph Bikes too. Hmm starting to sound like a more lifelike X-Man after all but without all the glam of Hollywood . So lets be clear. He likes simple and rather bespoke bikes with and without an engine and likes to push himself to the limit and beyond. Before you jump the gun it’s not Guy Martin with an alter ego.



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2016 British Downhill Series dates

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Nov 092015
The 2016 British Downhill Series dates are live – we spotted them over on Wideopenmag.co.uk  and thought you guys might like to see them. Sure, there’s no hardtail category but it’s still a great race series.
The series will have 6 races with two in Scotland and the rest in North Wales.
The dates are:
  • BDS Rd1 2nd/3rd April Ae Forest
  • BDS Rd2 14th/15th May Fort William
  • BDS Rd3 28th/29th May Rhyd-Y-Felin
  • BDS Rd4 25th/26th June Moelfre
  • BDS Rd5 27th/28th August Revolution
  • BDS Rd6 17th/18th September Llangollen


Is the BTR Ranger the World’s Fastest Hardtail?

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Nov 082015
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Is the BTR Ranger the World’s Fastest Hardtail?

Our 650B Ranger demo bike was built for one purpose- to show everyone what it’s capable of.

We teamed up with Siencs TV and Emyr Davies from the Ride.io team to bring you this video of the Ranger in action.

“We had a great time on location with Ems and Siencs TV in Snowdonia; flawless weather, awesome riding, and great company.” -Burf

“Now everyone can see how capable the Ranger is with 120mm travel, so nobody will need to take our word for it when we say they don’t need more!” -Tam
Emyr gave the Ranger 650B a proper hammering around his local trails in North Wales- it’s fantastic to see it get ridden so hard on terrain it was designed to take in its stride. We reckon it’s the world’s fastest hardtail…do you??

Is the BTR Ranger the World's Fastest Hardtail? from BTR Fabrications on Vimeo.

Just landed…. Cranked #3

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Nov 062015

Best get the kettle on as this might take a while..cranked 3 001

Those rather clever fellas at BTR are in it too..

cranked 3 002