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We’re super stoked to announce a UK first – the Bird Hardtail Super Series, a cross-discipline race series for grass roots hardtail racing! We’ve teamed up with Gravity Project and QECP Mountain Bike Trail Building to create the Bird Hardtail Super Series. Spread across the 5 races of the Gravity Project Downhill series, and the 2 QECP enduros you can race your hardtail to prove you are the UKs #1 hardtail gravity racer.


BHSS Rd1 – Gravity Project Rd1 Hollycombe – 1st March
BHSS Rd2 – Gravity Project Rd2 Rogate or Avery Farm – 5th April
BHSS Rd3 – Gravity Project Rd3 Rogate or Avery Farm – 3rd May
BHSS Rd4 – QECP Day & Night Enduro – QECP – 16th May
BHSS Rd5 – Gravity Project Rd4 – QECP – 7th June
BHSS Rd6 – Gravity Project Rd5 Hollycombe – 5th July (Proposed HT Champs)
BHSS Rd7 – QECP Enduro – QECP – 26th July

Like the BHSS page today for updates!

5 from the 7 rounds count with varying points based on the race, check out the FB page for more information.

With a fully loaded prize bundle at every race and an amazing overall series prize from Bird and our sponsors, you don’t want to miss out on this one…


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Dmr bikes Stage 1 Saddle.



I have had this saddle for a few months now and i must say i’m pretty happy with it for the most part. It’s rather clever and aimed at the All Mountain and dare we say it Enduro market. It comes with a removeable strap to hold a tub and tyre levers and it sits just in under the back of the saddle. A great idea if you want to carry as little as possible. I took mine off as i carry a Backpack any way. Mind you the strap has come in handy for lights though.

It comes in at a very reasonable 270g  and sports Cro Mo rails. It’s wide enough to support you and narrow enough should you need to Get off the back. At first it was a bit uncomfy compared to the saddle i had been riding. But now I have got use to it and get on fine. The only gripe I have with it is the nose could do with being a bit bigger and rounded as it does catch my shorts from time to time. I have done some fair mileage on it and it’s been ok and doesn’t feel uncomfy even after 20+ miles of Exmoor.

The finish is good and rather snazzy and hasn’t shown signs of wear even in the rubbish weather. There are 3 colour options so you should find one for you. This is just 1 part of the new range that will be making it’s way onto the market over the next few months.

All in all a damned fine saddle a bit more than the average saddle but it depends on what you like. It’s light, Comfy and tough.

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Rockguardz Mudgaurdz Med



I have been after a new Mudguard for a while and saw one of these on a mates bike, and thought that it looked worth a go. So when the chance came i got some pennies together and got one. Well it’s pretty good and dead light due to it being made of Carbon. It fits really quickly and does budge once it’s in place. i had to take it off again and pad it out with some frame stickers as it’s a bit noisey. It doesn’t flex like the plastic ones do but it hasn’t been a hassle apart from real muddy conditions. It’s pretty long even in the Med size but i haven’t had any mud in my eye so that’s a good thing. They offer a range of sizes so no worries there.

It stops mud looks trick and works. Thank to Don at www.kustombikes.co.uk for sorting one for me.

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Bliss Vertical Knee pad




I have had these for a good few months an i must say they aren’t bad. I picked med and they are a bit snug but i was working on them stretching a bit. Er well they haven’t. So try before you buy I say. They have Armourgel in the knee which is meant to take up to 80% of and impact. they are flexible so you don’t notice it. it also means they are pretty minimal. Yes there are lighter slimmer ones out there but these are pretty good when it come to the lack of bulk. I’m though they didn’t really do much but when i think about it they must of done as i have come off a few times and landed on my knees. No injuries. I hadn’t really noticed because well they worked. They do rub a bit and the cut at the back can dig in to the back of your knees, the have tough velcro strap with a fair amount of adjustment. they also have side protection too. According to the bumf they can take repeated impacts at the same point many times as the Armourgel resets. Clever eh? They can also be washed about 5o times at a lo (40c) temperature without effecting the way they work.

A good and pretty light rather tech Knee pad for 75 notes. I would say try before you buy though to get the right fit. They don’t get too hot and they don’t seem to hook up on my shorts which is nice. well worth the look if you want a good all day trail knee pad.


Core.. In the Buff.

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Jan 302015

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Winner of the wackiest most enthusiastic and entertaining award goes to………

Mr J Peppit The big boss at Buff and Sue Me

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Ace is training to become a Childrens entertainer. Not sure about the puppets mind.

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Hats and scarves are a big thing at Buff. With good reason. they have a combo to suit any cold weather.

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Pick a colour. Any colour. Hats from light weight up to bloomin Baltic.

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Wooly Ninja attire.

the core and bike place 15 154

For the ladies to keep warm


Jan 302015

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Go go Race Face power ranger

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Yeti’s XC carbon weapon.



the core and bike place 15 135

Manitou Mattoc. Good for your bike, rubbish for digging.



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So you don’t like it then Ace?

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the core and bike place 15 158



When i said can we get some Ice cream, this wasn’t quite what i had in mind. Wouldn’t say no mind.