Who are you?…… The other fella from the telly- Mr Jason Miles

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Apr 232016

jmc dirty p

In a office, sat in front of a computer sits a man who at first glance doesn’t strike you as anyone special. But he is. By day he is a IT guru sorting things out in the digital world in which we are part of. So it all seems like a run of the mill none too exciting sort of thing right? That however soon changes once he has left the office. The business suit is discarded and he take on his alter ego… He is Super Endurance Man.He has been on the telly with that truck fitter fella. They took on a World record and some. But there’s more to him than that. For it would seem he likes nothing better than a good old fashioned Endurance race. Whatever the weather. If you haven’t cottoned on as to who he is yet, then let us find out as we ask.

Who are you?

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Through The Mill……… DMR Deathgrip

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Apr 122016

fox lid 001

DMR  Brendog Death grip


At all good bike shops.

 Time tested 6 Months- (So far)

The DMR Death grip is a collaboration between DMR and none other than Britain’s Speed and Style meister Brendan Fairclough. Here’s what Brendan says about it.

‘I wanted to make the ultimate grip to go on all my bikes: AM to DH. I combined the following features and the Death Grip is what we ended up with!’

These grips feature a internally tapered core so that they only need one lock ring. This is a nice touch as I do tend to ride on the end oF the grip quite often. They also have a combination of proven patterns all in one grip. The ribbed ( Mushroom-Ed) section by the flange is nice and soft and dampens out some of the trail vibration. Then there’s the diamond pattern that you see on many other grips that allow you to er well grip the bars. Add to that a Waffle pattern on the underside to add that extra bit of grip confidence. They came in two sizes. The  Thin (ø29.8) or Thick (ø31.3) and also two compounds too The Soft (20A Kraton) or Hard (25A Vexk). So Something to suit anyone. So how do i get on with them?

I’ve been running the larger diameter size version and I don’t normally like big grips. But these have been a nice surprise. They feel pretty good and take no time to set up. They offer plenty of grip and have worn pretty well given that I can wear grips out quick. But these are only showing minimal wear so far. The lack of a collar on the end is good as I have already mentioned ride on the ends quite often. That and they won’t leave marks or scrapes like some grips will.

Out on the trail I have felt they could do with being a bit longer and I think I would if I was buying some prefer the smaller diameter version. But these are minor things and more of a personal thing. As I don’t generally wear gloves I haven’t had and issue when they get wet and in the dry they feel pretty nice. The variety of grip patterns means it’s easy to get your hand just where you want it without looking. they will suit pretty much any bike you care to fit them on. Not only that but they are pretty cheap too. I like these grips and would definitely buy some again. With a nice selection of colours too there should be something to suit you too.

A damned fine grip all in all.  worth a look.


TTM…….Just Landed- Fox

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Apr 052016

fox lid 010


Today instead of the postie dropping something off I rode some way to pick up this rather snazzy looking new lid from FOX ( Foxhead). It’s the all new Metah. It’s very much a “Enduro/Trail/Am” set up. It is rather bright ( Unlike  the owner- Ed) and is dead simple to set up. It looks a bit different and looks like it could give the Troy Lee Design A1 lids a run for their money. It’s full of features too. But how will it do? So far it’s definitely a lot more breezy. Quite comfortable so far.

Big thanks to Don at Kustom Bikes Cycle shop

fox lid 009

Through the Mill…….. The Trailstar from DMR – Long term test bike. Pt1

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Mar 222016

ttm Dmr r1 006

DMR Trailstar

This is the new DMR Trailstar which is set to take off where the original left. A Do-it-all-Hardtail that is simply fun to ride and adaptable to pretty much any kind of riding. But it’s also very up to date with 1×10 gearing, 650b/27.5 wheel and if you wish more than able to take 27.5+ size wheels. It’s slack in the angles and long to keep it stable but still very much aimed at the fun aspect.
I first got a glimpse of the new Trailstar in many guises at The Ex demonstration event which was sponsored by DMR. This event would mirror what the Trailstar is for and to get and idea have a look  at the films on The EX DMR event website
 We are lucky enough to bag a brand new Trailstar and for a long term test  bike too. Spring is emerging into the world. I have managed to get a few rides under the tyres. So what do I think so far?

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Through the Mill… Charlie the Bikemonger’s Happy Bottom Bum Butter.

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Mar 222016

ttm March dg 008

Bikemonger’s Happy bottom Bum Butter.
£14,99 – 100ml
 If you do a few miles then at some point you will have to look after the nether regions. You can start by using a pair of Padded shorts and this will stop some of the unfortunateness that can occur. But it won’t be enough. No all the those little greeblies and  bacteria love a nice warm spot don’t they? And if you rub a layer of old skin off they get a free feed too. Mmm not very nice for you. No one wants to walk like a Cowboy now do they. But what to do? Yes there are creams but they tend to feel like you may of had a bit of a nasty accident. But worry not mile munchers. The ( Apparently) Wise and wonderful riding sage that is Charlie the Bikemonger has the answer.
 It’s rather aptly named if some what a mouthful ( No don’t eat it you fool), Bikemongers Happy Bottom Bum Butter. Made with lots of nice and pleasant and healing ingredients to stop you rubbing your sensitive bits it does exactly that. It smells rather nice too.  but does it work?
 Oh yes. I was a little perplexed as it was more like a wax for Surfboards in it’s appearance than a soothing solution for raw plums. I did think maybe Charlie had mixed his Board wax up. Oops. But I need not of worried. It is rather wax like but once it warms up it can do it’s magic. Even the little grainy bits just disappear once applied. It certainly less noticeable than creams and rather pleasant too. It does indeed stop you from getting chaffed and sore. To be honest i forgot i had the stuff on more often than not. It was and is a splendid thing indeed. It goes a long way too. Charlie says it’ll last up to 7,000 miles. Now that’s a blooming long way. It’ll certainly out last anything else. So yes for no more sore bits and bobs use this. I know I will be.
 Here’s the low down.
  • Totally chemical free
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Clove oil for natural pain relief – pretty clever eh?
  • Vegetable glycerine and  Egyptian geranium oil absorbs to lower dermis, all the way in to really repair your damaged skin.
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial with tea tree oil to stop you growing diseases in your shorts.
  • PET recyclable containers (you can make fleece jackets out of them)
  • Tested in the most demanding conditions.. in my shorts. As Cahrlie says ” Tested on ar5eholes and not on animals.
  • Vegan as hell.
  • Does not repel sharks.
  • Not compatible with crumpets