Apr 162015

Press release:

UK Hardtail DH Champs 7th June 2015 at Queen Elizabeth Country Park (QECP)

Sponsored by Bird Cycleworks

After a break of 4 years we are bringing back the UK Hardtail DH Champs!

As part of the Bird Hardtail Super Series 2015, 7 races that will piggyback on 5 gravity project DH races and 2 QECP Enduro races.

The series with use the Hardtail category results only.  As part of the series we will be hosting UK Hardtail National Champs.

More info on the Bird Hardtail Super Series:



The UK Hardtail Champs race piggybacked Rd4 Gravity Project DH Series using there existing Hardtail category – QECP – 7th June

Sign on will be via the British Cycling website

Bit of history for you, previous venues and winners:

2007  Rheola  –  Nathan Ball

2008 Dragon Myndd Du  –  Lee Huskingson

2009 Uk Bike park  –  Ben Deakin

2010 Gawton,  supertavy track  –  Lewis Bateman.

2015 QECP  –  TBC

All where piggybacked onto existing HT class within a race series.


Location of the UK Hardtail National Champs race is in the middle of the south down national park in Hampshire:

QECP Location

Words: Scott Fitzgerald (QECP Collective/Southern Enduro)

Pictures: Big Mac Photography ————————————————————

Apr 072015


glen 4

There is a fellow from the land Down under who has and still is instrumental in the shape of Mountain biking in Australia. What’s more he still knows how to enjoy life and it usually involves bikes one way or another. I first saw the name way back when Mud Cows was a film that hit our shores. Then he would appear again in one of the Earthed films and not too long ago in Won’t Back Down.  You would of also seen him last year on the World cup coverage from Cairns. His comment typically priceless and amusing. He may not be a youngster now but I’ll bet he he can still crack on whatever bike he’s riding. He strikes me as an ever cheerful soul with a typical no nonsense view.  If you are lucky and end up that way no doubt you’ll end up riding one of his creations. Oh did I mention he’s built tracks across the globe too? i can safely say I envy him.  I think he will never lose that enthusiasm he had when he first rode a bike. Something we can all lose along the way and I think we can learn a trick or  two as well from him We were lucky enough to get to ask the one and only…Glen Jacobs

Who are you?

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Mar 292015


Words: Tim Grant    Photos Thanks to Ian lean

  If like me you were or still are into BMX then this fellow will no doubt of popped up on your radar. Mind you given how high he goes he would of no doubt popped up on may airtraffic ones too. Known for boosting air and with a grace that comes from years of experience and natural style that seems effortless, Kye was the one to watch. But not only does he ride BMX but also runs a company that builds Jumps, ramps and gets events sorted for schools and shows and he coaches too. But it doesn’t stop there either. Oh no. Kye also rides and races for Wideopen Magazine. Well with such a busy calendar  there’s always something to do.  So we were rather lucky to catch up with Devon’s very own king of dirt and all round nice guy and ask.

Who are you?


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Mar 132015

simon t 1

Well we do like to drop these BMXers in. Why not as they are as crazy and brilliant as any Mountain Biker. I Mean lets take this fellow. Think Rampage is wild? Well imagine being 13 to 16 feet out of a 12.5 foot vert ramp? That means you’ll be 25ft off the deck with a sheer landing, on 20″ wheels. Get it wrong and you will be hurting. But get it right and well….

 Simon has been in the Bmx Vert game for a long time and still sends it to the moon and back. Once hailing from Liverpool ad now enjoying a better lifestyle in the US of A. He is still pulling crazy tricks off of ramps that simply defy belief at times. But whilst Simon is often high flying he is pretty down to earth and has  more than a few tricks up his sleeve. I mean if you meet him in the street you probably wouldn’t even guess what he does. Not only that but he’s got a few claims to fame that you may not imagine too. So we ask the Vertically inclined Englishman abroad.

 Who are you?

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