Jan 312012


 Well it’s that time of the year where bike companies show their wares. One such show is the Core show.  It’s held in Whittlebury Hall Hotel a rather nice if somewhat upmarket building, where everyone there is rather well turned out. So it’s rather brave to let dozens of Bike shop owners and press invade. Again.
  In true form Hardtailnation made the rather long haul there from their test labs in deepest part of the West Country. An early start for myself and “Ace” ment we could get there nice and early so as we could book in. After the long drive we were both relived to get there. We got in before the nice ladies had set up. Which was handy as  bacon & eggs turned up for the early birds. “Ace” managed to use his charm to get me in.
 So once in it was all go right till lunch time. Which as we come to expect it was a rather nice spread and once again we were well feed. All to soon it was time to do more of the rounds.
 So was there anything nice? well here’s a selection of pics we gathered along the way.



Well you'll need the hubs too.

NS Bikes Majesty Dirt Frame 2012








NS bikes are pretty well known thanks to some famous faces. Their new colour scheme looks nice and bright. with matching pedals, hubs  and pedals you should be able to make a rather noticeable bike. NS bikes are distributed through hotlines-uk.com.



super low profile pedals from Spank



Pedals are becoming lower in their profile which in turn  lowers your centre of gravity and shed a little weight into the bargain. One of the best examples of this is Spank Spike pedal.



Nukeproof's 4x weapon, The Snap


Nuke proof have been busy bee’s with their range of bikes. The Snap ( Pictured left), is their 4x weapon. Very compact and light.



You'll need to protect your knees. Nukeproof Critical Knee pad




Of course when riding knee protection is often required. Nukeproof are showing their wares in this department as well like the Nukeproof critical Knee guards. ( pictured right)







IXS Phobos Starcatch


One of the nicest full face lids knocking about is from IXS.


Nukeproof Critical body armour and Leatt Neck brace







Of course Nukeproof were showing that their body armour is also Neck brace friendly. It certainly looked  a bit different form  from the norm. Coming in around a £120 you can’t go wrong. The neck brace is more around the £250.