May 022017

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 There seems to be something in the water in the West Country, and I don’t mean Cider or variations thereof. Whilst most folk are looking to get the latest tricked out Full Suss bike one West Country fellow is bucking the trend and going down the Hardtail route. But it wouldn’t be just a normal set up either. He’s well known locally for going like a rocket and numerous short “Edits”. But it’s not all bluster and stance. Not by any means as his recent results have shown. He’s also pretty handy at finding the er hm “racing line” too, but we’ll skim over that. So who is he? well by now you know the question.

Tom Dunn. Who are you?



Tom Dunn 5


Who are you?
My name is Tom Dunn & I’m 28 years young.
Where are you from?
I’m from a small town in Devon Called Newton Abbot.
What do you do for a living?
 Fabrication and welding
What’s the best & worst thing about your job?
 The best part of my job is making some cool stuff and having a good laugh with the lads in the workshop.
The worst part of my job is when we do batch work i.e. Making a frame again and again. It can get tedious.
Where do you ride?
 My local is Haldon forest but we ride a lot and ride Minehead and Trissy nearly every weekend. More recently we’ve also be riding Cove quite a bit. Rob Newman and Lee Carter have done a great job in there.
Tom Dunn 6
Who do you ride with?
 Who’s about really, there’s a big bunch of people I ride with but the most frequent are Linford Mill, Adam Campbell and Spencer Lane.
Where is your favourite place to ride?
 That’s a hard one…. In the South West I’d have to say Grogley woods down near Bodmin. Every trail just works. There’s a bit of everything too with some really flow and fast single track you can’t go wrong.
Where would you like to go that you haven’t yet?
 There’s a few places I’d like to explore. I’d love to explore Scotland as I’ve only been there for racing a few times and loved it every time.
What bike/s are you running? 
 I currently have a Specialized Enduro 29er and a Specialized Fuse.
Who do you ride for?
Hot pursuit cycles and
Tom Dunn 7
Which is your favourite bike? 
 Definitely my Fuse it’s so wild and on the edge all the time.
What kind of riding do you prefer?
 Anything that flows well and is loamy!
I see you have been giving DH and Enduro a bit of a go?
 I use to ride XC and road then about 3 years ago I bumped into Bob (Rob Newman) and sort of caught the bug. I started racing the UKGE,s  and Mini Enduros. I’ve done a few local DH races to as there great fun and ideal for training in the winter.
You’ve had some good results on the Hardtail too haven’t you? 
 Year 2016 was a very good year.  I won the overall for the British Enduro Series. I also won the Welsh gravity Enduro series as well as many other races.
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Tell us a bit abit your hardtail? 
 My hardtail is a Specialized  Fuse. It’s a 650b/27.5+ bike but I run it with 29er wheels. It has a 120mm of travel supplied by a Rockshox Pike. It gets a bit out of its depth quite quick but I think that’s why I like it so much.
What has been your most memorable race or ride?
 There’s been so many but probably Innerleithen at the last round of the BES. The trails were unreal! Full on “gnar”! The race had a really good atmosphere everyone was buzzing and I met some great people.
Why did you get into racing your Hardtail?
 I sort of bumbled my way on to the hardtail really. I started riding bikes late and never had a hardtail. I was invited to a demo day with the shop I ride for and tried one. From the moment I dropped into the 1st trail it just clicked. I started racing the Tavi Woodland DH stuff first just for fun and ended up racing on it all year.
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Which do you get the most out of?
 I think you get a lot out of both Downhill and Enduro but I think Enduro has more benefits as you ride all day and have to races more than one trail.  I also feel you riding and racing a lot more on instinct as you have to remember a lot of tracks. And they all change after practice.
What do you think of the race scene in the UK?
 The race scene in the UK is massive. Races are selling out all the time! I think everyone panicked a bit when the national series was cancelled but organisers like Charlie Williams and Chris Roberts have done a great job keeping everything running smoothly and the scene is still booming. I can’t recommend there races more!
If you could have a Superpower, what would it be?
 Invisibility as you could get away with so much and it would be a right laugh.
What tunes do you like?
 I’m into a bit of everything really. Right now I’m listening to Jimmy Eat World
Describe your perfect day?
 Get up early, meet some mates and ride all day.
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When was the last time something/someone made you think WTF?
 When the BES collapsed and no one took up the reins of a national series.
What has been your luckiest escape? 
 In NZ last year, myself and Adam Wight almost fell off a mountain while doing some backcountry crazy stuff.
What has been your luckiest escape?
 Last weekend blowing corners out at the WGE races at Eastridge.
Who do you admire?
 Brendawg (Brendan Fairclough). He’s the most stylish racers on the planet and seems to be always having a good time.
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If you could meet anyone past or present, who would it be?
 Bit of an odd one but I’d like to meet my dad when he was my age.
What does the future hold for you?
 More racing and traveling. Hopefully More good times!!!
Any thanks or last thoughts?
 I’d like to thank Greg, Max, Chris and Joe at Hot Pursuit Cycles for keeping my bikes running as I’m always in there getting then fixed (and very often I’m in there last minute, sorry! 😉) . I’d also like to thank race Dad (John Campbell) as last year at the BES you helped me out massively and it wouldn’t of go so well without you. Cheers