Jul 202017



Sender Magazine

£10 + Postage.

Available from: Trailhead Bike Co. Shrewsbury. Soho Bikes – London. Also, sendermagstore.bigcartel.com




In a day and age where instant is everything and you can find pretty much anything on your super hi tec Phone, Tablet, Laptop and even watch, why on earth would you launch a magazine? I mean it’s old hat isn’t it? Prints dead right? Er no. Not by a long way. If like me you like the “Feel” of the paper, the smell of the ink and the simple er simplicity of a good old fashioned magazines and the plan and simple fact that magazines are so much more than the latest web edit/story/whatever then it makes sense.


The first thing you notice about this magazine is from the word go it’s very different to a lot of main stream mags. The lack of ads and the fact whilst it’s quite small size wise but none the less packed with stunning photos and has already bagged some pretty well known names means it’s not messing about. 112 pages of pretty much killer articles means you may be distracted for a while. It’s rider owned too, so you know it’s going to be stuff you would like to read.


It’s well written and whilst it’s not quite the same vain as say Cranked Mountain bike Magazine it’s very much on it’s way to being a cult mag. The Photos alone are pretty special just add to the whole package. In depth interviews and articles and as already mentioned great photos mean this should grace any home/van/bag etc. Who is it for? Anyone who simply loves to tear ass about on bikes, pulling skids, hitting jumps and simply having a blast.


Olly Forster and the gang have knocked out a belter of a mag. Downside? How on earth are they going to beat it with issue 2? And before you ask, yes I paid for my copy.

Go on buy it. You will not regret an instant.