Jul 252017


DMRBikes V Twin Clipless pedal

£129.99 ( RRP)

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Well we know DMR Bikes have been changing tack over the last few years and revising some old favourites too, and so it seems to be the way they are going with the latest in pedals. These are a whole new game and a whole new pedal too. No mucking about with a current pedal then slapping a clipless system. Oh yes they are clipless. No this is a neat and clever pedal indeed. I have had a set on the Trailstar for the best part of 4 months and have tried a different number of set ups.

So what’s so special given their price? Actually a lot. Firstly they weigh 546g a pair which is a bit weighty but with good reason. They are tough. But that’s not all. They have a sprung clipless system so you pretty much automatically clip in every time. The system bears a resemblance to a certain other companies system of old. But if it works why change? But from here it all changes. DMR give you the option to run Pins and or plain Nylon bumper but with the added bonus of a shim to get the position right depending on what shoes you run.

Clever eh? I did start out with the pins in. Whilst this was spot on for not losing your foot position it was a bit of a game unclipping. Now this could be down to a, the pins being really grippy which is handy when you just want to rest your foot on the pedal for those iffy moments or b, The shoes on my clipless shoes are pretty flat so lots of grip. Or it could be a matter of both which is quite likely. This did prove to be a bit unnerving when it came to wanting to unclip in a hurry. I tried with fewer pins but in the end opted for the plain Nylon bumper with a shim underneath. This worked very well and allowed for the 5 degrees of float.

Clipping in was a doddle and considering I haven’t run clipless for almost 10 years until this year it was surprisingly simple to get use to once I had the cleat position spot on, ( Well almost). Unclipping was a breeze too as it is a very positive feel. The sprung body helped clip in easier as well. The wide cage helped keep you balanced and felt not unlike the V12 pedal just deeper. They hardly got stuffed with mud so unless it was really thick you could clip in with no hassle. All in all there have been a damned fine pedal and with plenty of set up options they are a winner. They might be a bit costly and bulky but they should in theory last.

The only downside I had with them is the supplied cleats wore a bit quick which made unclipping a bit scary and always in those sketchy moments too. But by switching to Shimano cleats this  was soon resolved.

A damned good pedal which comes in a range of funky colours to suit your needs and plenty of set up options too. Also Upgradebikes.co.uk carry all the spares and can service the pedals so you can keep on rolling.