Aug 092017


Here at the HTN not so secret HQ and around this little green isle we like the simpler things in life. Well we like Hardtail Mountain Bikes instead of Full sussers. Well mostly. You will also no doubt know for me there is something else I like and have I hope inspired you to like too.  And so it would seem that in the depths of Bristol a man with a plan which flew in the face of modern ” Must have now” thinking by starting a new magazine. Not just that but he’s gone “All in” and it’s all in house from writing to printing. A bold move today as we see a decline in magazine sales.  Not bad for a fellow who started up somewhat further north and for now is making the South West his home. Turns out he can ride a bike pretty well too and is all round top chap. 

So after reviewing his first issue of  Sender Magazine we had to ask…. Who are you?