Humber HipHop!

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Mar 192012

Something Different from my neck of the woods!

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Forums “Fixed”

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Jan 272012

Just to let you all know our Forums are now open with beefed up security to stop spammers getting on.

Been running for a week or so and no spam so fingers crossed, feel free to register and talk bikes!


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Bearded Man Events

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Nov 242011

Getting in to the racing mood for next year and this dropped in to my inbox, looks like a good event guys!

“Black Mountains 3 Day is a 3 day mountain bike stage endurance event, organised by Bearded Man. Set in the stunning Brecon Beacons National Park, it is a tough but rewarding ride through unforgiving terrains and tough technical trails.

To reward all your hard work in the saddle, we’ll be making everything else as comfortable as possible. From hot showers, massages, tailored nutrition and lovely tented villages to rest your exhausted body. We’ll also have mechanics and bike wash facilities on hand so your bike’s as well cared for as you.

As it was in 2011, this event is limited in numbers so we can retain a level of intimacy, so get involved with this incredible experience, whether you are riding alone or with a buddy and whether you are a seasoned stage racer or a first timer.”

More info here www.blackmountains3day.co.uk/

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Night in to Day

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Nov 182011

Plunging down the side of  a vale in the  pitch black Lincolnshire Wolds late one evening was definitely an eye opener!!

Luckily i had a Magicshine MJ-872 strapped to my handlebars after reading about its claimed 1600 lumen output and low RRP of £120!

Build quality is very good with a alloy light casing made from 6061-T6 aluminium alloy to help cool the super bright CREE X-PG LED’s.  The Light unit is very small and i have compared the length to a AAA battery so you can see, the battery has a touch “screen” back light so you can check on voltage and battery life on the fly.  Along with this there is a  glowing light on the back of the light which uses different colours denoting the level of charge left.

Weight is 362 grams, 108 for the light and 254 for the battery which is up there with the uber high end, super pricey lights!  The battery is fastened to your frame via a wide and long velcro/buckle system, which provided my only gripe as even when pulled super tight the battery still slipped if you have to mount it on top of a tube. Further velcro fasteners strap the cable to your frame and the light unit is held tightly in place with a rubber o-ring of which 2 are supplied (small & large).

Light operation is via a 2 way weather-proof rubber switch on the rear of the light and offers four brightness modes (100% – 75% – 50% – 30%), this gives a very usable range of light output from the four CREE XP-G LEDs with a claimed maximum output of 1600 Lumens!  Burn time is a claimed 2.5hr’s on FULL so you can stretch that out if your conservative with the output.

Whilst spinning across wide open fields i found running it at 30% was more than enough only choosing to up the power when riding through the darker woods or descending, 100% gave a extremely wide and vivid field of light that allowed me to hammer descents through the tight woods scaring the local pheasants and rabbits as i went (and in turn scaring myself).

So in Summary…

Pros: great quality, super bright good burn time, low weight and more importantly low price!

Cons: slipping battery mount on top of frame tubes.

For info and accessories visit MagicShine UK.

Magicshine UK also stock Open Light Systems battery upgrades:

Open-Light Systems 4.5Ah 130 mins

Open-Light Systems 5.8Ah 160 mins

Open-Light Systems 8.7Ah 240 mins

Open Light Systems 17.4Ah 480 mins

RRP is £120 but we all like to save a bob at this time of year so  i googled around and found mine on Ebay for £89 with a free head mount!

Click here for Magicshine Direct’s ebay page and light up your rides

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LOCO Tuning

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Aug 222011

Gotta give props to these “new kids on the block” of bike suspension tuning.

Good prices and top notch quality service!

Had some used Revelation 426 Dual Airs serviced by these guys, dead rebound and stanchion wear/pitting with a very notchy action.

As good as new is a heavily and easily banded around phrase but i can proudly say this statement can be used to accurately describe the forks that where returned to me!

So hats off to you guys, more forks will be faithfully sent to LOCO!

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