Through the Mill………….Schwalbe Fat Albert

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Mar 032017

feb ttm schw 004


Schwalbe Fat Albert

650b -2.35 TL Easy Front (Trail Star) & Back ( Pace Star)

Well these have been on the bike for a fair few months now and have been put through the mill in more ways than one. But how have they coped? Those of you old enough to remember may see a passing resemblance to a old 90’s tyre from WTB. But times have changed. It’s not only times that changed but the tread design of Fat Albert has too. Not just a bit either.

They come in front and back treads and they are notably different.  The front is very much a directional pattern that’s  aimed at aggressive cornering in softer conditions. . The rear is much more about grip and getting the power down. Or so you would think. As it happens they are designed to work from reasonably hard to fairly soft conditions. Think of them as a Jack of all trades. Now I have put these through pretty much every condition I can. From Rocky North wales trail centre to wet Winter Mud feasts, from dry dusty Bike Park to exposed moorland and wooded hillsides. So they’ve been thoroughly worked.

feb ttm schw 002

feb ttm schw 003

The strange thing is they haven’t really excelled at anything particular but also by the same token they haven’t actually let me down. It’s the most confusing set of tyres I have ridden. They do offer a good amount of grip especially in softer conditions where they can get a good bit of bite into the ground.

Hardpack/firm ground

They still grip well but if you push on a bit they do give way and slip a bit. Not a lot, but enough to raise your heart rate just a bit. They have dealt with everything I have thrown at them. They aren’t a fast tyre on firm ground as the treads are quite aggressive so therefore a degree of drag and noise come with them. But they still roll well enough. they suit Trail centres and Bike parks in Winter/Spring/ Autumn seem better than Summer.


Roots & mud

Roots tend to throw them a bit and if they are wet roots it’s a bit of a gamble. This is partly due to the wide spacing I imagine. In the mud they work well unless it’s so slippery that nothing short of a full mud tyre is going to do the job. A couple of recent rides have shown they are capable of gripping well when you might think they won’t. They clear well to. Wide spacing and aggressive tall treads help here. Climbing can be a bit of a tricky one as they can dig in a bit too much.


I was pleasantly surprised how well thes coped with rocky conditions. From big boulders to smaller stones. Unless it was soaked they didn’t let go once and once I got use to the idea that they weren’t going to let go  I could push on a bit.

feb ttm schw 005

Puncture resistance and fitting.

Fitting needed the ol “Fit a tube first” trick to get the tyre to sit before sneaking one side off and converting to tubeless. This worked well and they went up ok on a standard track pump. A Booster pump might of cut out a bit of faff. They are TL Easy ( Tubeless Easy) which means they do fit with minimum fuss but I found I needed to do the aforementioned trick. Once up no problem. They come with Schwalbe’s Sankeskin casing which helps reduce punctures. Puncture wise though they did seem to puncture on the most unlikely places. They are a bit thin in the wall to what I would like as the punctures were caused oddly enough by rocks. Not sharp ones either. A tougher wall may of reduced the chances of this.


They are a good all round tyre which seem to work reasonably well in most conditions. I would lean more to the darker wetter months to use these more than drier months. They are a bit of a strange tyre and may not be to everyone’s liking. They haven’t shown much sign of wear either. Which given how much stuff is costing is a good thing. A Jack of all trades.





Through the Mill……. Lizard skins Danny MacAskill grips

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Feb 282017

feb ttm schw 007


Lizard skins- Danny MacAskill signature grip



137mm length (inc collar) 29/30mm diameter


These are Danny MacAskill’s signature grip so you can imagine they have been thought out. They are a single collar loc on affair which have a knurled main pattern and a slightly wider part near the collar for improved ergonomics and to reduce some of the impact. They are a super tacky compound which by some strange alchemy they don’t wear too quick.

They are a bit on the hard side if you don’t wear gloves even with the tacky compound. They are good grip wise and I haven’t lost my grip once since using them no matter what the weather. They are a nice width and diameter and being a single loc on there’s no bulky section at the end of the bars. They are aren’t too bad comfort wise even if a bit firm.

They wouldn’t be out of place on any bike really and i have considered fitting them to my normal trail bike too. I would prefer a slightly softer compound but that could be just me. They come in a variety of colours so you should be able to find some to suit your choice. I went for the red which has now faded somewhat after many days in the elements.

Through the Mill…. Long Term Test – DMR Trailstar 27.5

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Feb 242017

jan 17 ttm d 002

DMR Bikes Trailstar

Long term test.


Well it’s been over a year now since this steed has been with me. We’ve had our highs and lows and many a mile along the way. So what is the Trailstar like after all this time?

This is a fun bike. It’s still a bit long at times but it’s pretty stable when you are giving it some welly. The frame is still looking pretty good  paint wise but early on I did Helitape areas I thought it would need it. It handles fast flowy trails with ease and confidence.  As well as local trails the Trailstar has been to a couple of places in Wales including Coed-Y- Brenin and Bike park Wales. Coed-y-Brenin is pretty harsh on bikes as it’s pretty rocky. But this didn’t bother the Trailstar. In fact on some of the longer sections it really shone. It simply likes to get a gallop on. Even on some of the more rougher section there was no sign on getting out of it’s depth. The climbs weren’t a bind either. It’s not a flyer uphill but that’s not what it’s for. Having said that my Strava times did go improve quite a bit back home. Steep stuff it is very capable and more often than not it’s me that is the weak point. Too many OTB. At BPW it was spot on. I tackled the longer Blue runs pretty quick and with no stopping. A couple of the blacks it was a bit wayward but I think had I run the 27.5+ wheelset up it would’ve been better. On the wheel size subject it’s certainly proved interesting.

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Through The Mill………….Danny MacAskill – Biography

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Feb 222017


At The Edge – Danny MacAskill – Riding for my life


We’re all no doubt familiar with Danny’s films and shows by now. Things have certainly come a long way since a certain film hit You Tube a few years ago. We’ve followed this rather skilled Scotsman up mountains, along rather narrow ridges, through old deserted towns, playing in a rather larger than life bedroom and for a “Wee Day out” and much more. But Danny’s life of bikes starts further back than that. Much further.

This is his story in his words. It’s an interesting and insightful look into the imagination, trials and tribulations, success and more of Danny’s life. It’s a good read no a excellent read and a few choice photos always help. It was full of wonderful adventures and some misadventures. it also provided just a glimpse of how Danny thinks. With just shy of 270 pages it’s not too long and if anything you are left just a little bit wanting to know more.

So if you are a fan of Danny, trials or just mucking about on bikes, then is well worth buying. I’ve rather enjoyed it and even to the point at 44 of maybe having a wee dabble at trials.

TTM Just Landed-DMR Bikes V Twin pedals

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Feb 112017

As I have gone back to Disco Slippers and Clipless pedals it’s been a little bit exciting awaiting these…

feb ttm vtwin 001

Yes the long awaiting V Twin from DMR Bikes landed.

feb ttm vtwin 002

They are a Clipless pedal which will be ideal for Trail riding and more… They have a number of different set ups you can run to suit your tastes.

feb ttm vtwin 003

All of which comes with the pedals. 

feb ttm vtwin 004

DMR haven’t just taken a current pedal and reworked it either. This is designed from the start to be rather different. Oh yes and they do come in a wide range of colours.. So full on grip with Pins or Out the box with a unique Nylon “Bumper”? decisions decisions…. The Clipless unit is very much similar to the tried and tested of the big S. Hope will they fair though? You#’ll have to wait and see.

Through the mill….Hurly Burly – The 2016 World Cup Downhill Year Book.

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Feb 102017


Hurly Burly – The 2016 World Cup Downhill Year Book.



In a day an age where the internet seems to rule and everything is “Now” and in 5 minutes it’s “Then” and there is a decline for magazines it’s refreshing and rather pleasing to see some folk are still will to take a punt at good ol’ fashion print. This is where Hurly Burly- The 2016 World Cup Downhill Year Book comes in. A rather nice change I think you’ll find.


So as you may well gather it covers the 2016 World Cup Downhill as it tours around the globe. Covering the the highs and lows of the scene with well written race reports and stunning photography from some of Mountainbiking  finest. There are also a good few other articles from those involved with the worlds fastest racers too.  it’s the brainchild of: James, Chris Jones, Morgane Charre, Sebastian Schieck, Sven Martin and Duncan Philpott, with input from a wide range of folk.dec-jl-004


With the best part of 200 pages it’s well worth the £15. It’s just a brilliant and well presented book. I mean if nothing else the Photos alone tell the story but with written accounts it only helps to create or rather recreate the scene at the time. The reports aren’t too long and give you enough insight to image what went down. I myself wouldn’t of minded a bit more but that’s me and as i have already said it’s 200 pages already.


James and the gang have done themselves proud with this  2016 World Cup Downhill Year Book. So if like me you missed the “online” coverage or even if you didn’t it’s well worth buying. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and you do get a little buzz from the highs and you also feel feel a little sadness too as it also mentions some of the sports finest who we lost last year. Even if Downhill isn’t really your thing, buy it anyway. You may never know it might just create that spark to perhaps get into a bit of Downhill.

Who are you?…………..The Wandering Trail hunter.

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Jan 282017

In search of the Holy Trail…..?


How would the life of travel, writing, exploring and riding bikes sound? I don’t know about you but it’s something I wouldn’t mind.  This time on “Who are you?” I manage to catch up with ome such fellow who has in a fashion made a life out of doing what the opening question asked. You may be familiar with his ramblings and stories from the days when Dirt mountain bike magazine was about in paper form. I for one would often marvel at the adventures and on the odd occasion misadventures he got up too. But don’t for a minute think he’s been idle. Oh no. He still wanders this little blue planet in search of the “Holy Trail” or the next “Big adventure”.  He’s down to earth and a rather decent chap who will spare you the time especially if you too are up for a bit of a ride. He also happens to just have a fondness for riding hardtail Mountain bikes. Even if his is a little, well different shall we say. Once again we ask our keyboard surfing trail hunting wander.

Who are you?

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